Meet the Team



Hi, I’m Chev!

The owner, founder and Boss Lady of Flowers in the Towers!

When I moved to Charters Towers in 2014, I never could have dreamed that I would be where I am today. What just started out as a hobby, had so much more dream behind it! Let me take you for a quick a trip down memory lane.

In January 2016 I began creating magical bouquets and arrangements for Wedding’s from the floor of my bedroom at home and this is where Hooked on Wedding Florals began. Fast forward 2 years, endless weddings, and long ass nights, my bedroom floor was not cutting it anymore, so I finally relocated my hobby to a shop front on Hackett Terrace in December 2018. Fast forward another 2 years, and this quirky little shopfront had finally run out of room too for my ever growing business.

This is when I made the biggest decision of my life; to follow my dreams and bring something to Charters Towers that was fresh, upbeat and unique, like no one had ever done here before. I purchased 177 Gill Street, put some holes in the walls, threw pink paint around everywhere, and opened Coffee & Flowers in the Towers in February 2021.

The idea of having a coffee, gift and flower shop in the one vicinity couldn’t go any more perfectly! Like, Duh, what more could a girl want! One stop shop, right? Every single day I get to meet different people, create beautiful floral arrangements, drink endless coffee, and live the dream of being a Girl Boss. Goals, right?

So that’s me,


How long have you been a qualified Florist?

I smashed out my Traineeship within 12 months, starting it in 2003 and finishing in 2004. So it’s been a hot minute since then I guess.

What is your favourite flower?
Hm, I don’t really have one, because they’re all seasonal so it always changes. Just when you start to think you have a favourite, the seasons change and something else pops up and you just fall in love all over again!

Tell us one thing about you that we should know.
One of my most proudest achievements (other than my business and my family obvs) is that I’m a member of The Meter Barra Club! YEW! Some men fish all their life living for this dream, and here I am already in it… anything you can do I can do better!



Starting out as our smiley front counter coffee maker, Paige has quickly made her way into learning about floristry, and is now beginning to work alongside Sarah creating beautiful little arrangements and gifts. Paige is going to be a superstar florist before we know it!

When did you start working at Flowers in the Towers?
July 2021

What is your favourite flower?
Sweet Pea, Ranunculus, Carnations –  Ohh gimme’ the whole inventory list!

What do you love most about working at Flowers in the Towers?
It’s a fun and funky environment to be a part of…. Plus the boss is pretty cool too I guess!

Tell us something about you that we should know.

I dunno, I’m pretty basic but I love decorating, up-styling and being creative so that's where I get my love and enjoyment for floristry so much.



You'll find Codie working behind the scenes snapping photos of all our beautiful gifts and florals, keeping you all updated on our socials and website.

When did you start working at Flowers in the Towers?

September 2021

What is your favourite flower?

Roses! Red, purple, pink, orange... I don't care! Just give me all the roses!

What do you love most about working at Flowers in the Towers?

Duh, the Roses! The team are pretty good to work with too though I guess.

Tell us something about you that we should know.

Travelling is my absolute dream in life. I've travelled overseas a lot, but still have so many more places I want to see.